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Slam Dunk yesterday …

I didn’t really want to see that many bands so assumed I’d be pretty bored all day , but I had such a good time ,
Me and Conor actually met Tomas Kalnoky. The thing I’d been waiting for forever actually happened. We didn’t really speak to him for long , he looked pretty rushed , but was lovely all the same. I was buzzing for the rest of the day , Streetlight were of course amazing and I got myself another pick , bringing my total to 3! Seeing them again tomorrow !

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Streetlight Manifesto - FullSet [1080p] Paris - 26/04/2013

Thank you!!! I’m watching this whole thing right now.

Watching this back is reminding me how fucking PERFECT last weekend was. Oh my god. I wanted to cry a little bit when I first saw Tomas sneaking behind the stage doory thing but I thought better not cry they will think I’m a bit weird.
I realise I haven’t actually posted about Paris since I got back so here we go.
Two years since I last saw Streetlight- and that was in Belgium. It was so worth the wait. The people there were lovely despite me not being able to understand a single word of French there was a lovely guy next to me who kept giving me water and then I met an awesome American girl at the end who also had a Streetlight tattoo. But yeah , good god , it was just … Indescribable.
Fourth time seeing them now and seeing them two more times this month … Hopefully more…

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You’re going to die. You’re going to be dead. It could be 20 years, it could be tomorrow, anytime. So am I. I mean, we’re just going to be gone. The world’s going to go on without us. All right now. You do your job in the face of that, and how seriously you take yourself you decide for yourself.
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